About us

Founded in 2000, PROHAD PERSONNEL INC. is a human ressource agency specializing in the recruiting and hiring of skilled and competent employees. Our mission is to support your business in its search for reliable workers.

One business, one partner

Our goal is to help you reach your objectives, both in terms of efficiency and growth.
In order to offer the best quality service, careful consideration is given to your Business. Attentive to your specific needs, we will ensure you receive pertinent and long-term solutions which correspond to your values, your interests, as well as your style. We wish to contribute to the success of your Business.

Our objective

Be it through Temporary or Permanent Placement, PROHAD will help you distinguish yourself from the competition due to the proficiency and performance of your human ressources.

Our team

We have assembled a judicious combination of professionals experienced in human ressource management. This competent and dynamic team is at your service. PROHAD depends on the creativity and synergy of its own employees to provide an effective and personalized service to your Business.

The changing world

Employees of large and small businesses alike are subject to the changing tides of today's business world: "new markets, new technology, new management, new employees".
"A company's value is equal to that of the individuals who make it up".
PROHAD PERSONNEL offers you its support and expertise through the harmonious implantation of such change.

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