Welcome! Why Choose Prohad Personnel?

Pourquoi choisir personnel PROHAD?
We receive referrals. Every year we are engaged more and more as a result of a personal referral from both employers and jobseekers: a great testament to the high level of professionalism and service that we provide.
Our services extend beyond candidate placement. Our follow-up service provides long term support to ensure the continued success of your employee. We have also developed a wealth of resources for employers from newsletters and blogs to management training podcasts.
We visit your site. By going to your workplace and observing how people work, we get a better understanding of your cultural environment and team dynamics, which in turn allows us to better meet your recruitment needs.
We think outside the square. In a candidate short market, our experience has proven that a person with the right attitude and an aptitude to learn quickly, is often a better choice than someone with just the right skills
We own the business. So unlike agencies that are part of a huge international conglomerate, we have a very real investment in getting the best results – our livelihoods depend on it! It also means that with no parent company, external investors or stakeholders to answer to, our only priority is to deliver the best recruitment solutions for our clients.
We are flexible and can tailor our service to you. Unlike big, multinational organisations, we have the ability and the commitment to look at your individual recruitment needs and work out a strategy accordingly.
We are experienced. Our team is made up of individuals with a combined industry experience of more than 35 years. You won’t be interviewed by someone who has no life experience, let alone work experience!
We have fun. This means two things: because we love what we do, we’re going to do a much better job than someone who doesn’t. It also means that we’re able to get beneath people’s professional facades to see their human qualities – the qualities that ultimately determine how they are going to perform in the workplace.
We provide you a better value for money service. Because we’re a boutique agency, not only are our rates extremely competitive, we’re also able to provide personalised recruitment solutions that reflect the unique needs and culture of your business.
Award Winning Recruitment Company. Winning the National Small Business Champion 2010 – Recruitment Services Award is testament to the fact that what we’re doing to improve the recruitment industry is working.

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