The Jobs MarketIn Quebec

Pourquoi choisir personnel PROHAD?
Professional Prospects
Employment prospects are exceptional, which means there is hope for all who wish to enter the job market.
Two factors have contributed to this recrudescence in available employment: economic growth and an ageing population.
Indeed, 57 percent or 338 000 positions will become available due to retirement or death.
The number of university graduates in Quebec is less than that of Ontario as well as in most developed countries. Our competitive capacity will be threatened if nothing is done.
This phenomenon is worldwide, however Quebec’s exceptional babyboom of the 50s and 60s will have a significant impact on the job market in the coming years.
The evolution in technology affects every sector of the working world, demanding an increasingly skilled labour force. Those highly skilled will hold an important asset in the recruiting process.
Seeking, finding, attracting and then keeping a competent labour force. These are the challenges businesses will face within this new reality.


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